Come and join ROBOT GAMES @ Hari Belia 2015


  • Well, thanks to many many participants, starting from age 10 all the way to adult, we hope everyone learn and showcase their robot! Here is the result of Robot Games 2015 @ Putrajaya, Festival Hari Belia. Many of our staff fall sick after the game :) But we are happy to see many creative and robust robots.


  • Finally, we are now carrying Raspberry Pi 2.0. With Quad core ARMv7 processor and increase of RAM to 1G, this super compact single board computer has made a big hit in tech forum and among makers! Check it out here.

  • Dear Valued Customer,

    April 2015 is just around the corner and everyone in Malaysia is talking about GST. We, Cytron Technologies Sdn Bhd have registered as one of the GST registered company under GST number: 000891043840 and will be implementing GST starting 1 April 2015. All of our products are classsified under standard rate 6%. After the implemation, all prices shown will be inclusive of GST. For those who are from outside of Malaysia, you will not be charged GST and it will deducted out from the displayed price when you checkout.  

    If you have any general questions about GST, please call 1300-888-500 or visit For questions related to the GST and Cytron, you may contact us at [email protected] 

  • If you get message of "uncertified manufacturer" on your Arduino IDE v1.6.1, don't panic! Just visit our updates here. BTW, CT-UNO does not have compatibility issue with any of the Arduino IDE.


  • Well, beisdes wheel, there are coupling :) Cytron is releasing wheel solution for 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 15mm diameter D round shaft motor. Check it out. 1st, the 5 inches Robot Wheel with TPE rubber as the outer tyre and ABS material for the rim. This robot wheel fit perfectly with the new 8mm, 10mm and 15mm metal hub/couping.

    OK, now the metal hub/coupling, there are three sizes. The 8mm hub is perfect for IG42 DC Geared Motor, another 10mm metal coupling is perfect fit for IG45 geared motor, 30W Vexta brushless motor and 40W DC Brush motor. The biggest coupling with 15mm hole size is manufactured for 50W Vexta Brushless motor or 120W DC Brush motor. These three type of metal hub/coupling are made Steel with zinked plated and it offers super strong mounting between motor and wheel. We also provide the screws for mounting. Here is the picture of 8mm metal hub.
    Did I mention? If you need the combo set, we have it too:
    Last but not least, the wheel solution for 6mm shaft, or the famous SPG30, SPG30E, IG32E and SPG50 gear motor. The outer tyre is made of rubber, and it is 80mm  and ABS for the rim. One of the special features: No coupling is needed, the wheel fit itself  perfectly to 6mm D shape shaft!