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  • Dear Valued Customer,

    Time flies! It is hard to believe that we have been running Cytron for 10 years! The scenes of developing our first programmer PCB in UTM's robotic lab 10 years ago are still clear in our mind.

    We started Cytron by developing PIC programmer for UTM students and provide solutions for Robocon teams. It was a great experience where we were able to assist them to build their first robot and share our knowledge with them.

    We never did learn in the classroom how to commercialize a product or run a business. We learn everything from you, our valued customer. You gave us feedback on our products, you trusted us when we were struggling to get things right. You introduce us to your friends. You gave us the chance so that we can sustain ourselves and build more exciting product. You are the one behind Cytron's success. Without you, there will be no Cytron!

    As you may know, recently, we have just launched the first educational robot construction kit, rero. It will be our company's new venture beside our core business: Robot.Head To Toe. We will strive even harder in both product segment to ensure quality products and good customer service. 

    Lastly, thank you for the wonderful 10 years, it was a pleasure serving you. We are looking forward to bring Cytron to the next level in the next 10 years and we hope you will join us on this journey and always be with us. 

    Cytron Team

    P/S: We will be giving out a limited edition anniversary key chain for every purchase with us from 17-24 Dec 2014.

    Stay tuned on our facebook campaign that will kick start on 18th Dec to stay a chance to win a anniversary t-shirt.

  • Cytron version of Arduino UNO, we called it CT-UNO or Cytron UNO. Fully compatible with Arduino UNO R3. So what is the improvement?

    • CT-UNO uses USB Micro-B (Android phone cable) socket instead of USB B (Printer USB cable) type on Arduino UNO. Those Android phone user will love it.
    • Using SMT Atmega328p instead of DIP package of Atmega328p.
    • Bigger size of on board 5V voltage regulator, better heat dissipation if high current is needed, maximum 1A.
    • Move the RX, TX, LED (pin 13) , and Power LED to edge of board, better viewing angle even shield is stacked on Arduino.
    • Use more stable and robust USB to UART chip (FT231x) instead of microcontroller.
    •   Additional standard pads (2.54mm pitch to pitch) for those wanted to create your own shield using standard PCB board.
    • Compatible with all Arduino UNO R3 shield.
    • Of course other good features of Arduino UNO R3 is preserved.
    • Not to forgot, it is cheaper because it is locally designed and manufactured :)

    Get yourself a CT-UNO and check out the Cytron UNO starter kit too.

    Check out more about the improvement here.

  • After winning APICTA awards 2014 in Malaysia, rero represented Malaysia to APICTA 2014 at Jakarta and we won Merit in E-learning category. We are thrilled with the recognition and will continue to work hard. Thanks for the support. For more photos, please visit rero facebook page.

  • rero is finally ready after few years of development and 1 year of fine-tuning and market validation. The stock is still very limited now, grab it fast if you have been waiting for a very long time. You can get RM250 discount at all RadioShack outlets in Malaysia within the promotion period or buy online at normal price. Like rero FB page to get latest update.

    New to rero? Check out here

  • rero wins the APICTA 2014 awards, the BEST of e-learning category.