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Breakout QFP 100pins
Product Code : BB-QFP100
Product Stars :
Stock Status : 285
Retail Price : RM 8.00
Internet Price :
RM 7.00(1 to 19)
RM 6.30(20 to 99)
RM 5.60(100 and above)
Weight : 0.005 kg

Description: This is a breakout board for T/LQFP package of IC with 0.5mm pith upto 100pins. It convert to standard of 0.1" which is normally use in donut boards. You can use it with the header pins so that the SMD parts can be fitted into donut boards. 

The spacing between the two rows of pins is 1.4". 

Dimensions: 4.47cmx4.47cm

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Product Enquiry
Jake  2014-03-17 22:14:07
Do you know what the spacing is between adjacent rows? Such as JP1 and JP4?
Admin Reply :
Hi, the hole spacing is 2.54mm.

Hemanand Ramasamy  2013-11-12 21:48:42
Will it fit pic24FJ256GB110 ?
Admin Reply :
Yes, is can fit, but makesure you get the TQFP package.

jim  2013-02-04 13:23:24
Hi, can any of the breakout boards support the QFN package since there are many tracks on the pcb?
Admin Reply :
You can check the pitch to pitch distance, if it is 0.5mm, you can try out this T/LQFP breakout. But we have never try it for QFN package.

Jim  2013-02-02 20:46:30
Which breakout board can i use for a 16 pin,3.5 * 3.5 mm2 thin QFN package smd ic? Thanks.
Admin Reply :
Sorry, we do not have QFN package of breakout board.

Lee Zhi Hong  2012-11-06 19:07:18
Hi, Can I have an Eagle drawing for the header pins? Thanks.
Admin Reply :
Hi, sorry, we do not provide PCB file.
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