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3x18650 Battery Holder
Product Code : CN-BA-18650-03
Stock Status : 138
Retail Price : RM 4.00
Internet Price :
RM 3.60(1 to 9)
RM 3.42(10 to 19)
RM 3.24(20 and above)
Weight : 0.022 kg


  • Battery holder for 18650 sized battery
  • Tri-slot
  • Material: recycle plastic
  • Battery sold separately

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Post Enquiry
Product Enquiry
lee  2013-09-26 13:48:25
How are the batteries is connected? Is it in series or in parallel?
Admin Reply :
HI, The batteries are connected in Series.

FCX  2012-09-26 17:19:43
will you be selling a 4-battery holder model in the future?
Admin Reply :
Hi, we will sell it in future but for now you can use 2 pcs of 2 way holder. thanks.

Lee  2012-05-20 21:52:20
the wire that connect to the holder need to solder ourself or is a clip type?
Admin Reply :
Hi, the holder is come with Wire. you do not need to solder it.