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4 Channel Motor Driver
Product Code : FD04A
Product Stars :
Stock Status : 49
Retail Price : RM 132.00
Internet Price :
RM 120.00(1 to 4)
RM 114.00(5 to 19)
RM 96.00(20 and above)
Weight : 0.180 kg


Description: 4 Channel DC Motor Driver, FD04A is special designed to drive 4 DC brush motors. Since PR19, Flexibot – Using Transwheel (PR19) is using it as motor driver, it is being named after this bot. However, the application of FD04A is not limited to the DIY project, PR19. It offers low cost and easy to use DC motor driver capable of driving up 4 DC brush motor, and the current can goes up to 3-Ampere. With minimum interface the board is ready for driving motor with direction, start, stop and speed control.

  • Industrial grade PCB.
  • Each component is soldered properly and tested.
  • Able to drive 4 DC motor at 3A.
  • Protection against over current.
  • Bi-directional control for 4 DC motors.
  • 2 LEDs as direction indicator for each motor.
  • 1 LED as power indicator.
  • Pluggable connector for more user friendly design.
  • Fully compatible with Cytron DIY project, Flexibot – Using Transwheel (PR19).
Dimension:12.4cm x 5.3cm

Sample Project and Source Code: Flexibot – Using Transwheel 

Video of Joystick Controlled Flexibot using SKXBee:

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Product Enquiry
shafie  2014-09-07 18:48:24
hello admin..can i know how to interface FD04a with pic16f877a..
Admin Reply :
We do not have example of interface with PIC16F877A, but the DIY project, Flexibot do show the interface with PIC16F777, the connections are similar, please refer to the DIY project, there are schematic, documentation and many more. If you have further inquiry, please do discuss in our technical forum as this section is for short inquiry, thanks :)

ali ali  2014-06-09 02:06:22
does this product work with plc omron with output signal of 24V dc
Admin Reply :
Nop, it is designed for 5V logic.

Javed  2014-04-11 14:08:05
Is this motor driver compatible with dc gear motor SPG50-180K?
Admin Reply :
Yes. it compatible.

Javed  2014-04-04 01:06:15
Hi can this motor driver work with arduino uno microcontroller?
Admin Reply :
Yes, it is compatible with any microcontroller with PWM and digital output can be interface with FD04A. But it is not an Arduino shield, you cannot stack on Arduino main board directly, you will need to do wiring yourself. If you have further inquiry, please do discuss in our technical forum as this section is for short inquiry, thanks :)

azmie  2014-03-05 01:36:37
Im making a robot war for my final project..i need your help so that i can buy the equipment needed at your robot weight aroutond 30 kg..i want to use a motor that can spin the blade very fast..the blade are around 8kg..can u please tell me what type of dc motor should i used..and also the motor tyre with diameter 80mm..
Admin Reply :
Please continue to discuss in our technical forum because you need to share more information about the robot. Thanks.
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