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LCD keypad Shield
Product Code : SHIELD-LCD
Stock Status : 74
Retail Price : RM 40.00
Internet Price :
RM 34.90(1 to 9)
RM 32.11(10 to 49)
RM 26.18(50 and above)
Weight : 0.100 kg

We are now carrying the LCD Keypad sheild. Suitable for Arduino main board which include the Arduino Uno and Leonardo. It is sometime call navigation sheild because it comes with 6 momentary push buttons for menu navigation. Besides the push button, it also includes an 2x16 LCD.

Features: Works with: Arduino Uno, Arduino Mega and Arduino Duemilanove.

* LCD schematic attached, the power LED is not populated.

Useful Document
Right Click > Save Target As
No. File Description Action
1 Using LCD4Bit_mod  Download
2 Schematic  Download
3 Arduino 1.0 Compatible Library (Thanks to Glendon Klassen)  Download
4 User's Manual V1.0 July 2011   Download
5 Arduino 1.0 LCD4Bit_mod Library   Download
6 Fritzing File  Download
7 Fritzing Tutorial  Download

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Post Enquiry
Product Enquiry
azam  2014-09-24 09:21:29
Hello, this LCD can be use with Arduino Mega ? Thank you
Admin Reply :
Yes, it is compatible with Arduino Mega.

Raamkumar Krishnan  2014-06-06 01:08:17
does it come with attached female header to plug in wires into unused pins?
Admin Reply :
Hi, it doesn't come with female header as mentioned.

Russell Fay Halberth  2014-05-12 16:22:53
when will this product be available for sale?
Admin Reply :
Hi, It will ready after 2-3 Weeks.

Waniey  2014-05-08 14:46:12
can this device use with PIC kit SK40C?
Admin Reply :
Not directly if you mean that. You can still use it if you wired up yourself. If you have further inquiry, please do discuss in our technical forum as this section is for short inquiry, thanks :)

lovetronic  2014-02-22 00:08:23
Does the shield compatible with chipkit uno 32 from digilent?
Admin Reply :
Nop, although the pins from chipkit Uno32 is compatible with Arduino UNO, but it is 3.3V operated, while this LCD shield is 5V. If you have further inquiry, please do discuss in our technical forum as this section is for short inquiry, thanks :)
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