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IR Sensor Set
Product Code : SN-IRS-01
Product Stars :
Stock Status : 88
Retail Price : RM 5.00
Internet Price :
RM 4.50(1 to 19)
RM 4.05(20 to 199)
RM 3.15(200 and above)
Weight : 0.002 kg

The IRS-01 IR sensor set consists of an IR transmitter and an IR receiver mounted side by side on a tiny PCB. With a 3 VDC power, it can be used as a reflective type IR sensor for mobile robot or any simple control system.

Dimension: 1.2cm x 1cm

Download User's Manual under "Useful Documents Tab"

Tutorial: 1. How to use IR sensor

Useful Document
Right Click > Save Target As
No. File Description Action
1 Pin Configuration  Download
2 Schematic  Download

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Post Enquiry
Product Enquiry
oiyour  2014-02-18 08:53:17
What is the highest frequency this sensor can detect?
Admin Reply :
?? The sensor has its own modulation, it does not simply detect other IR source.

MR  2014-01-02 15:15:30
Does UV light affect the sensor detection?
Admin Reply :
Not really tested it before, but it should be minimum effect only.

Aizat  2013-11-18 08:13:24
this sensor produce analog output or digital?
Admin Reply :
Analog output.

effa  2013-10-23 21:25:37
What is the sensing distance? Does it work fine with disturbance of sunlight and room light?
Admin Reply :
It depends on how you use it. From the test we carry out, it can only sense a white surface of obstacle within 2cm. It actually emit pure infrared light and will not work good in sunlight, room light is still fine. If you have further inquiry, please do discuss in our technical forum as this section is for short inquiry, thanks :)

ahmad  2013-05-28 22:53:33
still out of stock??
Admin Reply :
It is now in stock.
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