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DC Geared Motor
Product Code : SPG30-20K
Product Stars :
Stock Status : 133
Retail Price : RM 53.00
Internet Price :
RM 48.00(1 to 9)
RM 44.16(10 to 49)
RM 31.20(50 and above)
Weight : 0.210 kg

  • DC12V
  • Output Power: 1.1 Watt
  • Rated Speed: 185RPM
  • Rated Current: 410mA
  • Rated Torque: 78.4mN.m
  • Sample Application: lightweight mechanism such as: bank note machine, handling machine, educational robot, etc 

    Download Specification of DC Geared Motor under "Useful Documents Tab"

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    atique  2014-09-16 16:14:09
    ada tak tayar yg sesuai untuk dc gear motor spg30-20kbeserta dengan set pemasangan tayar tersebut (skru2)?
    Admin Reply :
    We do not have tyre with coupling. But we do offer the coupling with screws. Please check out the "accessories you may need" section.

    shahir  2013-03-16 11:40:28
    i'm interest in using these motor. may i ask few questions? 1) may i know the minimum rpm that this motor can be support? because i only want to use 54rpm. so, can these motor support? and how? 2)can these motor controlled by potentiometer? if yes, how? can you give me the example circuit to me.
    Admin Reply :
    we do not know the minimum rpm, it can be 1rpm. You can adjust the speed using PWM from microcontroller. Potentiometer, I guess you need to go through some microcontroller or circuit. Maybe you can get the MD30C and try it as there is direct control on the board for you to control the speed. If you have further inquiry, please do discuss in our technical forum as this section is for short inquiry, thanks :)

    arep  2013-01-24 16:55:15
    can this motor be used for fish feeder project??
    Admin Reply :
    Hi, this is general purpose DC brush motor, it can be used in many purposes. Just need to makesure the specifications met your requirement, the size and torque might be main consideration in your project. If you have further inquiry please do discuss in our technical forum as this section is for short inquiry, thanks :)

    zargoun  2012-12-18 21:22:55
    hello, is this shunt DC motor or series DC motor
    Admin Reply :
    Hi, not really sure because the datasheet does not state that, sorry.

    awis  2012-01-12 03:24:26
    the spec given is too short. pls state the answer for question below: 1)dc motor type? brushed or brussles? 2)if brused type, what is the brush constuction type? metal or precious metal or carbon brused?? 3)number of armature pole? 3 or 5 pole? 4)type of magnet? c shape? ring shape? pls reply asap.tq.ive already buy this motor but i dont want to crack it open to know the spec as it may damage parts.
    Admin Reply :
    1) Brushed 2) Metal 3) do not have information 4) C Shape
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