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BreadBoard Power Stick 5V 3V3
Product Code : BPS-5-3
Product Stars :
Stock Status : 132
Retail Price : RM 20.00
Internet Price :
RM 18.00(1 to 9)
RM 16.56(10 to 29)
RM 14.40(30 and above)
Weight : 0.015 kg

Breadboard is a common board for prototyping, we use it a lot during prototyping and simple electronic component evaluation. But is quite difficult to get a proper 5V and 3.3V as there is no ready board which is ready to fit into breadboard and offers these voltage. BPS-5-3, Breadboard Power Supply with 5V and 3.3V output, comes with the objective to help you get the voltage you want on breadboard in seconds :) You can use AC to DC Adapter (e.g.: 12V 2A adapter) or DC jack to supply this board from battery.

  • Breadboard friendly
  • Vin from VDC from 7V to 12V, DC Barrel Power Jack
  • On board Main power switch
  • On board Vin polarity protection
  • Vin is extended out breadboard
  • On board 5V regulator and 3.3V to provide both 5V and 3.3V for usage
  • 5V rated at 1A maximum current output
  • 3.3V rated at 500mA maximum current output
  • Optionally it can be power from USB (B type) cable
  • D+ and D- line of USB is extended out too
  • Dimension : 23mm x 63mm
NOTE: Please be extra careful. Make sure the voltages are not short circuit when you plug into breadboard.


Useful Document
Right Click > Save Target As
No. File Description Action
1 BPS-5-3 Schematic  Download
2 3.3V Regulator Datasheet  Download
3 5V Regulator datasheet  Download
4 Fritzing File  Download
5 Fritzing Tutorial  Download

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Product Enquiry
Sathish  2014-08-27 18:52:09
I'm a final year BE student. 1. Is any IC is required to interface an IR sensor with PIC to sense within 2cm range? 2. What is the circuit required to condition the output of IR receiver? Looking forward for your reply.......
Admin Reply :
Hi, please post your inquiry under related product page :) Not really sure which IR sensor you refer too, but there should be document/tutorial showing the example interface, do refer to it. To condition the output of IR receiver? Not really understand your question. Anyway please do continue the discussion in our technical forum as this section is for short inquiry, thanks :)

louis  2013-09-19 14:32:41
I want 5V output.. So what i have to do are just plug in 12v DC power jack and jump jp4 and jp5. At the jp5 i'll get 5v and ground at jp4. Am I right...?
Admin Reply :
Yes, you just plug in 12V supply and you are able to get 5V. No, JP4 and JP5 are same. It should be the top pin of JP4 and JP5 (near to the edge of PCB) is GND, while the other pin is 5V as labelled on PCB. Try to verify using LED + resistor, or a multimeter before using it. If you have further inquiry, please do discuss in our technical forum as this section is for short inquiry, thanks :)

doc  2013-08-08 23:04:55
What is the use/purpose of JP10 and JP11?
Admin Reply :
Nothing, just to provide extra support for the breadboard with the PCB.

raihan  2012-12-03 12:56:45
Hi, using DC Jack to DG126 Converter can I power this item up using 9V Baterry?. Thanks.
Admin Reply :
Yes, because the input voltage range for this device is 7 to 12VDC.

Han  2012-11-16 15:23:33
If i use 12V 2A adapter for this product, will it spoil this product?
Admin Reply :
No, it will still be working fine.
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